Monday, 16 April 2012

Top Ten Sites In Alexa Rank

Today , I,m going to give you an interesting information about the top sites. I am just going to share information about the top sites  ranking , which are unknown to no-one. As well as , i would like to share about Alexa , every one of you , who has a site or a blog , knows the value of alexa. If you have a site , you must should stay connected to alexa . Alexa actually provides you information about your site . I,m just going to tell you alexa rank about the top 10 sites. Look at these.

1. Google
Google is the number one site in the world and number 1 in alexa rank as well. Every kind of people are using it. Google is a search engine. And now a days its not a just search engine. But its working in a number of fields now. You can mail from gmail , you can here songs from youtube , you can find books in google library  , and many more . You are just asked to write a keyword , and you will get a huge information about your search.

photo of home page of google , beautiful wallpaper of google homepage.

2. FaceBook
Facebook is a wold's greatest social networking site. Which is at number two in the alexa. You can find here people of the world. You can also take benefit for advertising your material.

photo of home page of facebook , beautiful wallpaper of facebook homepage.

3. YouTube
Youtube is at number three in alexa rank. You can find here a huge content of videos. While you are learner you can get a great information here in form of videos. You can upload your video. Let people know your work. 

photo of home page of youtube , beautiful wallpaper of youtube homepage.

4. Yahoo
Yahoo is a search engine. Yahoo is at number four in alexa rank. you can search here everything of life. You can also mail from yahoo mail option.
photo of home page of yahoo , beautiful wallpaper of yahoo homepage.

5. BAidu
Baidu is at number five in alexa rank. And its also a search engine. 

photo of home page of baidu or , beautiful wallpaper of baidu or homepage. 

Wikipedia gives you information about everything. Provides you a total available history about your search. You can search in a number of languages.
photo of home page of wikipedia , beautiful wallpaper of wikipedia homepage.

7. Live
live is at number seven in alexa rank. You can mail here. 

photo of home page of live or , beautiful wallpaper of live or homepage.

8. Twitter
twitter is at number eight in alexa rank. Its also a social networking place. You can share your short messages to your followers directly.

photo of home page of twitter , beautiful wallpaper of twitter homepage.

9. QQ
qq is at number nine in alexa rank. It is a free instant messaging computer program. 

photo of home page of qq or , beautiful wallpaper of qq or homepage.

10. Amazon
Amazon is at number ten in alexa rank. Its a multinational electronic commerce company.

photo of home page of Amazon or, beautiful wallpaper of amazon or homepage.

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  1. I'm always struggling with getting the website indexed in Baidu directory. It seems like they work in simillar manner as DMOZ.

  2. Faece book is now on the 1st place plus they will try to introduce own search engine. Don't know exactly what is the point of turning fbook into search engine, but it seems that some people cannot get enough of the money.

  3. Glad to see Google back on number one in Alexa ranking, after all everybody rely heavily on their search engine. I check daily how my Acrylic Nails Service in Malaga ranks in search results. That gives great idea about required improvements. You wouldn't get it from facebok.

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